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It would be an understatement to say that the strength of a school lies in its alumni. If you need to look at how successful an educational institution has been, you needn’t look any further than its ex-student records and track their progresses in life.


The Children’s Academy Group of Schools is quite aware of this fact. The school knows that its students make it as much as it makes them. Hence, the formation of the CAXSA was a defining moment in the history of the school.


CAXSA stands for Children’s Academy Ex-Students’ Association. This body was founded in 2001 by some of the alumni of the school who harboured a strong passion for their alma mater and wanted to involve themselves in the various activities of the school even after they had passed out and moved on in life. They wanted to be in the thick of things when the school planned events and make their own contributions to them. However, the most profound intention was to maintain the strong traditional roots of Children’s Academy, which could be only passed on from one generation of ex-students to the other.

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  • Sharad Poornima Night 2013
  • 11th Annual Re-Union
  • Collection drive for our student who is suffering from Blood Cancer
  • Sharad Poornima Night
  • CAXSA Career Guidance Program
  • CAXSA Get Together
  • 10 Annual Re-Union
  • 'P Ward Sahshalaya'
  • Nursery Admission for Year 2012-2013
  • more..
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