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November 2013



September 2015

SEC-AUG-Celebration of Raksha Bandhan
SEC-SEPT-Literature Club - Calligraphy(create a paper bag and write a message) Grade VI & VII
SEC-SEPT-Heritage Club - Making of Eco-friendly ganapati idol using paper mache’ Grade VIII
SEC-SEPT-Heritage Club - Making of Eco-friendly ganapati idol using paper mache’ Grade VII
SEC-SEPT-Heritage Club - Making of Eco-friendly ganapati idol using paper mache’ Grade IX
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club - Paper Flower Garland Making Grade VI
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club - Paper Bag Making Grade VI
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club - Visit to an Aquarium Grade VI & VIII
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club – Rally (Car-free Day)
SEC-SEPT-Science Club - Toy making (working model) Grade IX
SEC-SEPT-Science Club – Laughter Yoga Session
SEC-SEPT-Science Club – Laugh the heart out( Mask making- happy faces) Grade VI
SEC-SEPT-Science Club-Energy Conservation week-Model making on wind,water &solar energy conservation
SEC-SEPT-Car Free Day
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Hindi Diwas
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Pola
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Gokulashtami
SEC-SEPT-Kathputali Katha-Puppet Show (Folk Story) Grade VIII
SEC-SEPT-Ganesha making (Veg Art) Grade VIII
SEC-SEPT-Paint on Dry Leaf Grade IX
SEC-SEPT-Ships on Sail (Model Making) Grade IX
SEC-SEPT-Paper Weight Making (Best Out of Waste) Grade VI
SEC-SEPT-Floral Fiesta (Paper Flower Making + Arrangement) Grade VIII
SEC-SEPT-Paper Bag Making (TR. Day Special) Grade IX
SEC-SEPT-Ganesha Making (Vegetable Art) Grade VII
SEC-SEPT-Ad-o-Mania (Sell a Product of Choice) Grade VII
SEC-SEPT-Live Telecast of Hon'ble Prime Minister's Interaction with School Students on 4th Sept
GEN-SEPT-Fire Mock Drill
GEN-SEPT-Celebration of Teacher’s Day
GEN-SEPT-Celebration of Gokulashtami
GEN-SEPT-Health Checkup Camp
September 2014

SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Diwali (Rangoli Making)
SEC-SEPT-Tile Painting (Rural India) Grade IX
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Navratri (ICSE)
SEC-SEPT-Science Club - Poster making (Global Warming)
SEC-SEPT-Hindi elocution (autobiography of author) Grade IX
SEC-SEPT-Decorate a File Cover Grade VIII
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club-Save Water (Rally)
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of World Ozone Day
SEC-SEPT-T-Shirt Painting (Ganesha Idol) Grade VI
SEC-SEPT-Cartoon making (leaders if india) Grade VIII
SEC-SEPT- Derek's Faster Smarter Better Challenge 2014 (G.K. Club)
SEC-SEPT- Derek's Better Minds Need A Bigger Challenge 2014 (G.K. Club)
SEC-SEPT-Corporate Social Responsibilities Activity Conducted by Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of World Peace Day (rally)
SEC-SEPT-Science Club - Badge Making Grade IX
SEC-SEPT-Inter School- Event Role Play Competition by Sahashaley Upakram Samiti (R East Ward)
SEC-SEPT-Name Plate Making (Eco Friendly) Grade VII
SEC-SEPT-'Kids for Tiger' The Sanctuary Tiger Program by Aircel Save Our Tiger
SEC-SEPT-Aarti Thali Decoration (Eco Friendly) Grade VI
SEC-SEPT-Aarti thali decoration(Ganesh) Grade VII
SEC-SEPT-Inter School-Salam Bombay-Voices 2014-Poster Making Competition
SEC-SEPT-Paper Weight Making (Aquatic Animals-Eco Friendly Clay) Grade IX
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Hindi Diwas
SEC-SEPT-Parents Orientation on Career Guidance Program for Xth Std
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Alexander Graham Bell Day
SEC-SEPT-Ganesh idol making & decoration(best out of waste) Grade VIII
SEC-SEPT-Marathi Hand Writing Competition
SEC-SEPT-Nag Panchami-Clay Modelling (Snake)
SEC-SEPT-Inter School-AISM Volley Ball & Basket Ball Tournament
SEC-SEPT-Bol katputli bol (folk tales of India) Grade VIII
SEC-SEPT-Hindi debate (hindi ka mahatva) Grade VII
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Anant Chaturdashi
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Onam
SEC-SEPT-Book Mark Making (Good Wishes To Your Teacher) Grade VI
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Teacher’s Day
SEC-SEPT-Hindi elocution Competition Grade IX
SEC-SEPT-Literature Club -Verbal Relay (SSC)
GEN-SEPT-Parent’s Competition
July 2014

SEC-JUL-Instrumental Music Competition Grade VII to IX
SEC-JUL-Hindi Dohe Recitation Competition (Guru Shishya) Grade VII
SEC-JUL-Rani Laxmibai Death Anniversary - Poem Recitation
SEC-JUL-Hindi Dohe Recitation Competition
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Ramzan Eid
SEC-JUL-World Kidney Day - Keychain Making
SEC-JUL-Science Club-T-Shirt Painting
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Lokmanya Tilak Jayanti
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Tricolour became National flag Day
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Neil Armstrong landed on the moon Day
SEC-JUL-Adolescent Education Program Grade VIII
SEC-JUL-Literature Club & (Dharohar)Heritage Club Initiation Day
SEC-JUL-Vocal Music Competition (Colours of India) Grade VI to IX
SEC-JUL-Science Club - Rally (Anti-Pollution) Grade VI
SEC-JUL-Dancing Diwas of C.A. Grade VI to IX
SEC-JUL-Instrumental Music Competition Grade VI to IX
SEC-JUL-Adolescent Education Program Grade VIII
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Guru Purnima
SEC-JUL-Literature Club-Book Cover Design Contest
SEC-JUL-Celebration of World Population Day
SEC-JUL-Workshop by Aero-Kraft
SEC-JUL-Science Club - Tile Painting Competition Grade VIII
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Ashadhi Ekadashi
SEC-JUL-Shlok Ucharan Grade VIII
SEC-JUL-Prakriti Utsav (grow plants) Grade VII
SEC-JUL-Nature Club & Science Club Initiation Day
SEC-JUL-Van Mahotsav Week
SEC-JUL-Science Club - Bottle Painting Competition Grade VII
SEC-JUL-Celebration of World Environment Day
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Doctor’s Day (Rangoli)
SEC-JUL-House Election
SEC-JUL-Nature Club - Leaf Art
SEC-JUL-Nature Club - Pet Rocks
SEC-JUL-Nature Club - Globe on Save Earth
October 2013

SEC-OCT-Celebration of Navratri (Garba) Std. X
SEC-OCT-Celebration of Diwali
SEC-OCT-Celebration of Bakri Id
SEC-OCT-Celebration of World White Cane Day
SEC-OCT-Celebration of UN Day – Multimrdia Presentation on Formation of UN
SEC-OCT-Celebration of World Habitat Day
SEC-OCT-Celebration of Navratri
SEC-OCT-Celebration of Dasera
SEC-OCT-Celebration of World Animal Welfare Day
SEC-OCT-Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti
SEC-OCT-Celebration of Senior Citizen’s Day (Grandparents’ Day)
SEC-OCT-Book Reading Competition Std. VII
SEC-OCT-Poem Come Alive Competition Std. IX
SEC-OCT-Hindi Elocution Competition Std. IX
SEC-OCT-Hindi Poem Recitation Competition Std. VIII
SEC-OCT Hindi Recitation Std. VIII
SEC-OCT-Hindi Poem Recitation Std. VIth
SEC-OCT-Diya Painting Competition
SEC-OCT-E-Travelogue - Karnataka Tourism Std. IX
SEC-OCT-English elocution competition Std. IX
SEC-OCT-Hindi Recitation Std. VIIth
SEC-OCT-Tile Painting - Topic - (Emotions) Std. VII
SEC-OCT-Hindi Elocution Competition
SEC-OCT-English Recitation Competition
SEC-OCT-Aarti Thali Decoration Competition - (With Eco-Friendly Material) Std. VI
SEC-OCT-Hindi Recitation Competition
SEC-OCT-Cover a book (warli painting) Std. VI
SEC-OCT-Hindi Poem Recitation Competition
SEC-OCT-Nature Club - Anti-Cracker Rally
SEC-OCT-Nature Club- Eco Friendly Ganesha making (SSC)
SEC-OCT-Nature Club- Tile Painting (SSC)
SEC-OCT-Science Club-Handkerchief Painting
SEC-OCT-Science Club-CD Painting
SEC-OCT-Science Club-Calendar Making
SEC-OCT-Science Club-Talk Show on Aids by Dr. Girish Trivedi
SEC-OCT-Literature Club - Spell Bee (SSC)
GEN-OCT-Teacher Workshop by Asset
GEN-OCT-Workshop on U-DISE by Education Department
September 2013

SEC-SEPT-Machinaria (Science from junk) Std. IX
SEC-SEPT-Jewellery Box Decoration (Best Out Of Waste) Std. VII
SEC-SEPT-Travelogue - Map, Monuments Of Karnataka Std. VIII
SEC-SEPT-Housewise Activity-Rally for Gender Equality
SEC-SEPT-Lantern Making (Topic - Save Nature ) Std. VI
SEC-SEPT-Declamation Competition Std. IX
SEC-SEPT-Paint a pillow cover ( Hase Chitra of Karnataka ) Std. VII
SEC-SEPT-Career Guidance Program for Std Xth
SEC-SEPT-MISA Interschool Competition Prize Winners
SEC-SEPT- Vistaura Inetrschool Competition Prize winners
SEC-SEPT-Workshop on Fight the Bite (Malaria) by Health Dept. BMC
SEC-SEPT-Career Guidance Program by Mrs. Varsha Rebello organised by CAXSA
SEC-SEPT-World Peace Day
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Onam
SEC-SEPT-White Cane Day-Talk by Ms. Shashi Surana
SEC-SEPT-World Ozone Day
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Hindi Diwas
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi
SEC-SEPT-World Literacy Day
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Pola
SEC-SEPT-Celebration of Teachers' Day
SEC-SEPT-Literature Club - Alpha triangle (SSC)
SEC-SEPT-Literature Club - Spin a tale
SEC-SEPT-Literature Club - Self composed poems (SSC)
SEC-SEPT-Literature Club - Bull's Eye (SSC)
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club- Jewellery making ICSE
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club-Talk show on Save Our Tiger
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club-Slogan Writing
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club-T-shirt painiting
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club - Tile Painting (ICSE)
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club - Beach Cleaning Std. VIII
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club - Eco Friendly Ganesha Making
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club - Jewellery Making SSC
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club - Pot painting
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club - Rally on ‘Go Green’
SEC-SEPT-Science Club - Beach Cleaning Std. VIII
GEN-SEPT-Fire Mock Drill
GEN-SEPT-Medical Camp
August 2013

SEC-AUG-Collage Making Competition (Indian Mathematicians) Std. IX
SEC-AUG-Tile Painting Competition ( Flags of Various Countries ) Std. VII
SEC-AUG-Book Mark Making Competition
SEC-AUG-Hindi recitation competition Std. VI
SEC-AUG-Talent Dikhao - Creative Kehlao Competition ( on the Spot Creation group activity Head Gear
SEC-AUG-Marathi Debate Competition
SEC-AUG-Hindi recitation competition Std. IX
SEC-AUG-Rice Painting Competition ( Anti addiction) Std. VIII
SEC-AUG-T-Shirt Painting Competition (Topic - Instruments Of Karnataka) Std. VI
SEC-AUG-Hindi recitation competition Std. VIII
SEC-AUG-Housewise Activity - G.K. Quiz ( Karnataka) Std. VI to IX
SEC-AUG-Hindi Recitation Competition Std. VII
SEC-AUG-Housewise Activity-Rally (population explosion - malnutrution, small family happy family)
SEC-AUG-Face Painting Competition (Topic - SAARC Countries) Std. VIII
SEC-AUG-English Elocution Competition Std. VI
SEC-AUG-Bol katputli bol (hindi katha vachan) – Puppet show-folk tales of Karnataka Std. VIII
SEC-AUG-Housewise Activity-Rally (No honking)
SEC-AUG-Creative Geometry Competition ( Make Geometrical 3D Model using creative eco friendly mater)
SEC-AUG-Thumb and Finger Painting Competition (Seasons) Std. VI
SEC-AUG-Celebration of Nag Panchami
SEC-AUG-Celebration of Gokul Ashtami
SEC-AUG-Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Mother Teresa
SEC-AUG-Pateti Celebration
SEC-AUG-Hiroshima Day
SEC-AUG-Science Club - Rally Yellow house - No honking
SEC-AUG-Science Club-Field Trip to Maharashtra Nature Park Std. IX
SEC-AUG-Science Club-Wall Hangings
SEC-AUG-Science Club-Talk Show on Cancer
SEC-AUG-Science Club-Puppet Making
SEC-AUG-Nature Club-T-shirt Painting(Give the earth a hug, Pull the plug)
SEC-AUG-Nature Club-Field Trip to Maharashtra Nature Park Std. IX
SEC-AUG-Nature Club - Poster making(Controlling Water Pollution) ICSE
SEC-AUG-Nature Club-Poster making(Controlling Water Pollution) SSC
SEC-AUG-Nature Club - Wall Hanging SSC
SEC-AUG-Nature Club - Rangoli (Prominent Environmentalists) ICSE
SEC-AUG-Nature Club - Rangoli (Prominent Environmentalists) SSC
SEC-AUG-Nature Club -Puppet from Gloves (Extinct Animals)
SEC-AUG-Nature Club-Rally Yellow house - No honking
SEC-AUG-Nature Club - Book-mark making (Monsoon flowers) ICSE
SEC-AUG-Students' Participation in India International Model United Nations
SEC-AUG-Literature Club - Bull's Eye
SEC-AUG-TATA Power Club Enerji
SEC-AUG- Derek's Faster Smarter Better Challenge 2013 (G.K. Club)
SEC-AUG-HCL Refresher Training for Teachers
SEC-AUG-Workshop on Eco Ganesha Making
GEN-AUG-Celebration of Gokul Ashtami
GEN-AUG-Independence Day
GEN-AUG-Independence Day
July 2013

SEC-JUL-D.A. Remedial
SEC-JUL-Drapeau Design (Designing The School Flag) Std. VI ICSE
SEC-JUL-Nature Club - Wall Hanging (Food Chain) ICSE
SEC-JUL-Collage Making Competition (Success Stories) Std. VIII
SEC-JUL-Nature Club - Make your own slippers (Life under water)ICSE
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Chandrashekhar Azad
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Lokmanya Tilak Jayanti - Elocution Competition
SEC-JUL-Nature Club - Make your own slippers (Life under water)SSC
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Tricolour became National flag Day
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Guru Purnima (Skit)
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Neil Armstrong Landed on the Moon Day
SEC-JUL-Neil Armstrong landed on the moon Day-Essay Writing
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Ashadhi Ekadashi
SEC-JUL-Science Club-Glass Painting
SEC-JUL-Vocal Music Competition Std. VI to IX
SEC-JUL-Vocal Music Competition Std. VI & VII
SEC-JUL-Mask Making Competition (Endangered Species-Animals) Std. VII
SEC-JUL-English Extempore Competition Std. VIII
SEC-JUL-CA’s Best Dramebaaz (audition round, situation round-on chit, mimicry) Std. IX
SEC-JUL-DCD (Dance Children Dance) Social Issues with Props Std. IX
SEC-JUL-Science Club-Paper bag Making Std. VI
SEC-JUL-Literature Club Initiation Day
SEC-JUL-Mono - Acting Competition (Historical Characters) Std. VIII
SEC-JUL-Celebration of World Population Day
SEC-JUL-Instrumental Music Competition Std. VI to IX
SEC-JUl-Mahakavi Kalidas Din (Importance of Hindi)
SEC-JUL-Nature Club-Paper Bag Making (Go Green)
SEC-JUL-ALHL-Canopy Making Std. VIIIth A
SEC-JUL-ALHL-Canopy Making Std. VIIth B
SEC-JUL-ALHL-Canopy Making Std. VIIth A
SEC-JUL-Heritage Club Initiation Day
SEC-JUL-Pot Painting Competition Std. VI
SEC-JUL-Hindi Elocution Competition Std. IX
SEC-JUL-Hindi Elocution Competition Std. VIII
SEC-JUL-Geeta Chanting Competition Std. VIII
SEC-JUL-House Election
SEC-JUL-Hindi Elocution Competition Std. VI & VII
SEC-JUL-Celebration of Doctor’s Day
SEC-JUL-English Recitation Competition Std. VIII
SEC-JUL-Nature Club & Science Club Initiation Day
SEC-JUL-Science Club-Jute, Paper, Cloth Bag Making
SEC-JUL-Science Club-Slogan Writing
October 2012

SEC-OCT-Grand Parents' Day
SEC-OCT-Navratri Celebration – Garba Std.
SEC-OCT-Anti Pollution Rally- Say no to crackers
SEC-OCT-Dasera Celebration
SEC-OCT-Nature Club - T-shirt Painting- Each Drop Matters (Water Conservation) Std. VII SSC
SEC-OCT-Unbox 21 - Angry Birds Std. VI
SEC-OCT-Diya Painting (Diwali) Std. VII
SEC-OCT-Diwali Celebration
SEC-OCT-Nature Club - Go-Green (Tree Plantation)ICSE
SEC-OCT-Science Club - Symposium on world habitat day on conservation of natural resources Std. VI
SEC-OCT-World White Cane Day - Best out of waste cane Std. VI
SEC-OCT-Workshop on Iron Deficiency in Body conducted by Get active
SEC-OCT-Hindi – Dohe Recitation Std. IX
SEC-OCT-House Activity-Social Service-School Bais and Peons Std. IX
SEC-OCT-English Extempore Competition Std. VIII
SEC-OCT-Science Club - Diversifying nature.(tile painting on various ecosystems) Std. VI
SEC-OCT-Nature Club - T-shirt Painting- Each Drop Matters (Water Conservation) Std. VII ICSE
SEC-OCT-Geeta Chanting Std. VIII
SEC-OCT-Science Club - Extinction is forever. (face painting on endangered species) Std. VIII SSC
SEC-OCT-House Activity- Spot Creation Std. VI
SEC-OCT-House Activity - Rangoli Std. VII
SEC-OCT-Science Club – Ado mania(preparing ads to promote conservation of animals) Std. IX
SEC-OCT-Science Club - Extinction is forever. (face painting on endangered species) Std. VIII ICSE
SEC-OCT-Nature Club - Being Tiger (Face Painting- Save Tigers)
SEC-OCT-English Extempore Competition Std. VII
SEC-OCT-Poem Come Alive (Enact) Std. IX
SEC-OCT-Field Trip to Soonabai Pirojsha Godrej Marine Ecology Centre, Vikhroli Std. VI
SEC-OCT-Paint on Computer Std. V
SEC-OCT-Paint on Computer Std. VI & VII
SEC-OCT-Hindi Debate Competition
SEC-OCT-Hindi Essay Writing Competition
SEC-OCT-Combined lecture of Std. 10th on Electro mechanism by Rakeshsir
SEC-OCT-World Habitat Day - Poster Making - Board Decoration Std. IX
SEC-OCT-Nature Club - Go-Green (Tree Plantation)SSC
SEC-OCT-Science Club - Papyrus arte.(paper recycling workshop) Std. VII
SEC-OCT-Field Trip to Soonabai Pirojsha Godrej Marine Ecology Centre, Vikhroli Std. IX
GEN-OCT-DA Workshop
GEN-OCT-Workshop of British Council
September 2012

SEC-SEPT-Anti Pollution & Peace Rally Std. V & VI (House Teacher Activity)
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club - Ganesha from the farms. (Making Ganesh idols out of fruits and vegetables)
SEC-SEPT-Ganesh Chaturthi - Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration Std. VI
SEC-SEPT-R-East Ward Band Inter School Competition
SEC-SEPT-R-East Ward Folk Dance Inter School Competition
SEC-SEPT-Merchant of Venice
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club - Car-Free Day (Cycle Rally) Std. VII
SEC-SEPT-Card Making (Paper Qiling) Teacher’s Day Std. VIII
SEC_SEPT-Puppet Show (Save Mother Earth) Competition Std. IX
SEC-SEPT-Derek's Faster Smarter Better Challenge 2012 (G.K. Club)
SEC-SEPT-World Peace Day - Board Decoration Std. IX ICSE
SEC-SEPT-Science Club – Ozomania (slogan writing on protection of ozone layer) Std. VI ICSE
SEC-SEPT-Hindi Elocution (Autobiography) Competition Final Std. VI
SEC-SEPT-Save Our Tigers
SEC-SEPT-English Poetry Recitation Competition Std. V
SEC-SEPT-Science Club - Lets get devotional(Poster making-ganesh utsav) Std. V
SEC-SEPT-Science Club – Ozomania (slogan writing on protection of ozone layer) Std. VI SSC
SEC-SEPT-D.A. Class Toppers
SEC-SEPT-Actor All Rounder ( 3 rounds) Actor’s choice, judge’s choice, mimicry Std. IX
SEC-SEPT-Caxsa-Career Launching for Xth
SEC-SEPT-R-East Ward Instrumental Music Inter School Competition
SEC-SEPT-Salaam Bombay Foundation Voices 2012 Inter School Competition
SEC-SEPT-Hindi Diwas Celebration
SEC-SEPT-DNA Eco Ganesha
SEC-SEPT-Unbox 21 Visit
SEC-SEPT-NIE Program on Role of Literacy conducted by Prof. Mohhan Raorane
SEC-SEPT-Nature Club - Decor with a difference (Rangoli with used flowers)
SEC-SEPT-Teacher's Day - Quiz 2012
SEC-SEPT-Career Guidance Program for Xth Std
SEC-SEPT-Teacher's Day - Book Mark Competition Std. VII
SEC-SEPT-MISA - Contemporary Group Dance Inter School Competition
GEN-SEPT-Fire Mock Drill
GEN-SEPT-Parents’ Competition
GEN-SEPT-Medical camp