50 Acts of Kindness

50 Acts of Kindness

Actions speak louder than words 

Compassion is at the very heart of the Children’s Academy Group of Schools. It is almost synonymous with the school as we have always believed in promoting the welfare of others, expressing it with empathy and generosity towards fellow beings and good cause. The school has been actively involved in social service and has sought many ways to enhance its involvement. And in this sense, the 50th year was no special. However, it was only unique in the Golden Jubilee year that we consciously engaged in 50 Acts of kindness to commemorate the glorious 50th milestone.

The Children’s Academy Group of Schools has always responded with a helping hand to people across India affected with natural disasters. We are grateful to our stakeholders for supporting us wholeheartedly in all the fundraising activities. The school has, over the years, worked relentlessly to embrace a number of community development programs with an overriding goal of not just holistic education but also commitment towards the nation. In the 50th year, we ignited the noble quality of kindness and nurtured the Joy of giving still further. The staff and students across the three branches worked in unison to render to the needy in many ways. The acts included service towards the less privileged students, elderly citizens, orphans, environment, donation drives and more.

As educators, it is our prime responsibility to offer every child an opportunity to learn something new every day. The teachers of Children’s Academy took up the initiative to coach the students of various municipal schools. The teachers have successfully completed the sessions on grammar and spoken English for these students. They sensitized them with the regulations of the POCSO act and also conducted an anti-tobacco awareness session. Another interesting project was the Super-Mom initiative taken up at the BMC School that was intended to award the parents whose children attend the school regularly.

The zealous young do-gooders of the Children’s Academy Group of Schools went all out to provide wholeheartedly for their fellowmen in need. In a healing gesture, the students visited the Home for the Aged with an aim to bring a smile on the faces of the aged residents. Apart from the song and dance, the students gave the lonely inmates the much-needed patient hearing . They also donated daily need items to the institution. Our students also realized the difficulties faced by the under-privileged children when they visited the orphanage and mingled with the children there. This helped to instill a sense of empathy amongst our students. The boys from the Academy also visited Shantidaan, a home for the destitute and donated toiletries and other daily need material to Missionaries of Charity.

Humanity is not just maintaining a cordial relationship but it brings hope and faith in those deprived of happiness of life. The Citizenship Club of Children’s Academy took the initiative of lending a helping hand to the under-privileged students by donating umbrellas, raincoats and stationery. To celebrate the spirit of brotherhood, our girl students tied the sacred rakhis to the firefighters to express their gratitude to our firefighters.

In a bid to develop entrepreneurship skills among the ancillary staff, our young leaders put up stalls and workshops that offered basic vocational training to our helping staff. Our peons and maushis attended these sessions that trained them in the art of making soaps, candles, earrings, envelops, sewing quilts et al. Fine Arts & Handicrafts workshops were conducted for the marginalized group of tribals living in the precincts of Sanjay Gandhi National park. The sole objective of these resourceful sessions was to arm them with skills that would enable them to add a little more to their earnings. Our enterprising and spirited teachers taught the maushis the modes of saving and made them aware about the importance of digital transactions. 

Environment is a precious gift on this planet and we, at Children’s Academy realize that protecting the environment is the need of the hour. Likewise, we make innumerable efforts to save it from depletion. In an exclusive opportunity last year, the Academy took up the initiative to give a facelift to the Jijamata Udyan, popularly known as Byculla Zoo. Our team, comprising students and Art Masters, using eco-friendly colours, painted the walls of the Hippopotamus enclosure, with pictures and slogans promoting empathy towards animals and wildlife conservation. This makeover has truly given it the much needed positive and vibrant appearance. Additionally, the passionate and versatile Art Masters of the Academy also created a massive structure of a lion, which is symbolic of the Make in India logo. This lion, entirely made out of scrap and other waste collected by our enthusiastic students, is soon to be installed in the Lion enclosure of the zoo. The uniqueness of this entire project is that it echoes our Go Green policy, and is one of our finest ‘Best out of waste’ ventures. 

Our students took a significant step against plastic pollution by making paper and cloth bags and distributed them to the vendors around the school. We conducted waste segregation sessions
and distributed compost, organic pesticide and liquid fertilizer to parents. Our students collected plastic waste from their households and neighbouring housing societies and sent the same for recycling. The list of initiatives is endless as our commitment to protect the environment is sustained.  

We, at Children’s Academy firmly believe that no education is complete without the students being made to feel for the less fortunate. We have always sought to inculcate a sense of selflessness and make efforts to provide an array of social service opportunities to our students. This helps to expand their understanding of the social issues prevailing around them and also consider their role in finding solutions to the community concerns.