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Academic development of a student is evaluated on the basis of Formative & Summative modes.

Formative Assessments are carried out both formally and informally by the teacher in the course of teaching and are diagnostic or remedial in nature. The subjects assessed under Formative assessment are Languages, Math, Science and Social Studies. They are assessed with a variety of assessment tools.

Summative Assessment: This is an overall assessment of the student performance which is done at the end of the term. It serves as a feedback on learning for the teacher and the parent.

At the end of the academic year, an average of all Formative tests & Semesters are calculated and grades are assigned


  • Grade I to Grade V (ICSE)
  • Grade VI and Grade VII (ICSE)
  • Grade VIII (ICSE)
  • Grade IX and X (ICSE)
  • STD-IX (SSC)
  • STD-X (SSC)

Promotions Rules for Grade I to Grade VIII

  • Students absent from an examination for any reason whatsoever will not be re-examined.
  • Students from I- VIII SSC and ICSE sections, will be promoted to the next class at the end of the academic year if minimum learning competencies in the basic school subjects are achieved i.e. Grade C2. If assessment of the semester’s performance reveals that the intended learning competencies in the basic school subjects in Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Science are not achieved, then the students will have to undertake remediation and a test will be administered in June. A satisfactory level of achievement in the test will ensure promotion to the next higher level. The school reserves the right to deny promotion to any student who does not complete 75% attendance during the academic year.

Promotions Rules for Grade IX (ICSE)

  • The school reserves the right to disallow students from attending the examination whose attendance is below 75% of the working days.
  • Students are deemed to have passed Grade. IX if they have attained the pass standard in the least five subjects which must include the subject - English. The pass marks for each subject is 35%. In addition to fulfilling the conditions above he /she has to attain a pass grade in SUPW and community service as examined / assessed internally by the school.
  • The result sheets will show the result in the examination as a whole and also indicate the standard reached in each subject taken, (except socially useful productive work and community service) by grades ranging from 1to 9, 1 being the highest and 9 the lowest. Very good is indicated by Grades 1 and 2. Grades 3, 4 and 5 indicate a pass with credit, 6 and 7 indicate a pass and 8 and above a failure.
  • The standard reached in socially useful productive work and community service (Internally Assessed) will be shown on the result sheet by grades A, B, C, D or E; A being the highest and E the lowest, A, B, C or D indicate a pass and E a Failure.

Promotions Rules for Std. IX (SSC)

  • A minimum of 75% attendance in the whole year.
  • For passing a student must get 35% marks in every subject.
  • Promotion with Condonation : If a student falls short by some marks for passing in some subjects, a total of 20 condonation marks, but not more than 10% (of the total marks of that subject) of the total marks in one subject.
  • Combined passing provision:
    • For languages: If a student attains a minimum of 25% marks in every language and a total of 35% in three languages together (Total of 105 marks in 3 languages together), the student is considered passed.
    • Mathematics and Science: If a student attains a minimum of 25% marks together in Math and Science (70 marks out of 200) and 25 marks in Math and Science each the student is considered passed.
  • Grace marks cannot be used to avail combined passing provision.
  • In languages; English, Hindi and Marathi marks are awarded in the terminals and finals for listening, reading, conversation and group discussion or elocution skills. Students are intimated the dates of oral tests in advance, hence, if any student remains absent or is not ready for the same, re-test will not be conducted.
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