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Wellness Chamber :

  1. Our Wellness Chamber, houses competent well trained nurses, providing prompt medical attention to children. The Chamber is well- equipped with a medical bed, a wheel chair, nebulizer, oxygen cylinder and other pre-requisite medication.
  2. Essential first aid is provided during school hours to students if the need arises. On the recommendation of the nurse, if the student requires additional medical attention, the schools uses the services of a trained medical / practitioner OR / and, additionally uses the advanced medical facilities of a hospital in proximity to the school vicinity of our respective branches.
  3. Giving utmost importance to the well-being and safety of our students, the school works in tandem with Ayaksha Health Services, a healthcare company which provides an integrated approach towards health and safety in schools. This programme has brought about an increased health consciousness among students and parents.
  4. At the Children's Academy Group of Schools, medical records of students are updated every year and the complete medical history is provided when the child exits the school.
The school provides transport facility for the convenience of its students. This is an optional service. The transport charges will be dependent on the area. The route of transportation, pick-up and drop locations are available with the bus manager. The transport facility will be for a full term and fees are payable quarterly. On payment of the first installment students can collect the bus card from the transport manager.
  1. At Children’s Academy, we ensure that each child is progressing to a level that is developmentally appropriate for the child’s age.
  2. OccuGym is a special room dedicated for therapeutic purposes. It is specially designed to build a Multi-Sensory Environment. It provides a unique interactive space which offers students a range of tactile, visual and interactive activities to engage with.