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  • The school has partnered with AXIS Bank for fee collection. Parents paying via cheque may deposit their cheque at any AXIS Bank branch or make the payment at the school using AXIS Bank slips provided by the school. Parents paying via cash will have to deposit the same at any AXIS Bank branch. Cash collection will not be undertaken by the school.
  • School fees have to be paid quarterly. Fees have to be paid in advance before the 10th of the first month of each quarter. The quarters are demarcated as:
    • Quarter I - June to August
    • Quarter II - September to November
    • Quarter III - December to February
    • Quarter IV - March to May
  • Term fee must be paid along with the First and the Third quarter.
  • The first quarter fee will have to be paid at the school office. The last quarter fee will have to be paid before 10th of March.
  • IV Quarter fee for students of Grade X have to be paid before 10th January.
  • Parents are requested to write their contact number and name, standard, division of the child behind the cheque.
  • On receipt of the School Fee, the School / Bank will issue the stamped counterfoil of the Pay-in Slip. This counterfoil must be attached to the school Handbook on the Fee Card to enable easy verification.
  • The school fee receipt will be uploaded in the E-Campus section of the school website within 10 days of the cheque being cleared. This receipt will be accessible through the Parent Login only. The parents may take a print out of the same for their Income Tax purpose.
  • If the Parent wants the fee statement in any other format, an application has to be submitted to the school office. It will be made available within seven working days. A fee of ₹25/- will be levied for the same.
  • In case a cheque is dishonored, a fine of ₹100/- will be payable in cash for the first instance and ₹250/- per cheque for the all subsequent instances.
  • If the fees are not paid by the scheduled date, a late fee of ₹100/- per week will be levied. When the payments cannot be made on the scheduled date, the student is expected to produce a written note of explanation from his / her parents.
  • A student whose conduct or application is unsatisfactory will forfeit any concession in school fees that may have been extended to him / her.
  • Any kind of failure to pay fee before the close of the academic year gives the school the right to withhold the result.
  • Axis bank will not be collect fees between 1st April to 31 st May. Hence, for the above period, parents are required to pay the fee at the school counter only.
  • Bus Fee Policy

  • Bus fee has to be paid quarterly along with the School fee.
  • A penalty, which is equivalent to three months Bus fee will be levied, if a student opts out of the bus service, during the course of the year.
  • Grade X student who opts for bus service shall pay fee for the entire academic year. No cancellation will be permitted.
Please note that the student will not be allowed to use the bus service during the period of the penalty.


  • Parents will have to seek written approval from the Headmistress before cancellation of Bus service.
  • Parents will have to submit a copy of approved application to the class teacher.
  • Parents will have to apply for a new I-card of the student.
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