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It would be an understatement to say that the strength of a school lies in its alumni. If you need to look at how successful an educational institution has been, you needn't look any further than its ex-student records and track their progress in life.

The Children's Academy Group of Schools is quite aware of this fact. The school knows that its students make it as much as it makes them. Hence, the formation of the CAXSA was a defining moment in the history of the school.

CAXSA stands for Children's Academy Ex-Student's Association. This body was founded in 2001 by some of the alumni of the school who harboured a strong passion for their alma mater and wanted to involve themselves in the various activities of the school even after they had passed out and moved on in life. They wanted to be in the thick of things when the school planned events and make their own contributions to them. However, the most profound intention was to maintain the strong traditional roots of Children’s Academy, which could be only passed on from one generation of ex-students to the other.

This is what the CAXSA strives to be. It aims to be the torch bearer of Children's Academy's culture and tradition. Today, CAXSA has become almost a movement within the school and every ex-student who is a part of this organisation feels proud about their small but significant role in shaping the school as it currently stands.

In the one decade that the CAXSA has been active, it has become nothing short of a phenomenon. Even after moving up in life, these ex-students have stayed in close communication with the school and are helping it gain in strength and glory with their cumulative efforts.

CAXSA members are spread all over the globe, but they keep in constant touch with the school through the Internet and other modes of communication. The core members are constantly planning activities and events to keep the flame burning and, as new ex-students are generated each year, the tradition only grows stronger.


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CEO, Education World

Children’s Academy has undoubtedly helped me mould myself into what I have become. It was a strong foundation for my lifelong principles of discipline, hard work, and perseverance. The school’s key attribute, which is the endurance to fight against all odds and consistently deliver performance, has helped me achieve respect and success in all walks of life and has encouraged me to do more.


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MD & CEO, Globus Stores Pvt. Ltd.

I became a part of Children’s Academy in 1978 when I was in Std. IX. It was quite different from my previous school. It had a competitive and aggressive edge to it, which fostered my ambition to become better. Shri V. V. Bhat, the then Principal encouraged me to go the extra mile. What really stood out for me was the teacher-student bond; it was built on personal care and attention. These qualities have shaped my leadership position today. I have the same competitiveness based on hard work and perseverance. I am in constant pursuit to do better, but at the same time, I nurture relationships with compassion and empathy. CA has been a profound influence on me.


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Executive Vice President, Star India.

Children’s Academy has been like a river to me where fresh water keeps getting added and the river takes the water to the destination. This river has been relentless in shaping, guiding, and showing students the path for years. The entire management — the Principals, the teachers, the support staff — is focused on caring for students and their academic development. The twelve years I spent in the school shaped me to be hard-working and gritty. I thank the Bhat family for building such a great institution that has shaped thousands of lives. Let the river keep flowing.


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Screenwriter / Filmmaker

I am what I am because of the character instilled in me by my school. A four-room entity in 1976, Children’s Academy stands tall today as a multi-locational prestigious academic institution shaping thousands of young minds for future successes. This glorious journey reflects in my own because of the values of dedication, commitment, and perseverance, which add to the lustre of the God-given gift called talent. Thankfully, I was mentored by my teachers that without these qualities, talent remains a mere mirage that never delivers. Thank you, Children’s Academy and all my teachers, for shaping me into who I am.


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Goal Keeper, Hockey Team India.

Children’s Academy introduced me to hockey. Even during my primary days, we had first two periods for sports. Mr. Marzban Patel sir was our hockey coach when I entered the secondary section in 2005. We used to practise after school hours in the afternoons, in the school campus. We even broke several school windows and caused injuries to the peons! Those were our initial hockey learning days. The school management never raised any objections though and let us play. Today whatever I have achieved in the game is because of this grounding that was provided to me by Children’s Academy. I wasn’t much into studying, but I found my true calling in the school. Children’s Academy, I miss you.


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Music Composer & Producer.

I am proud to be an alumnus of Children’s Academy. My deepest gratitude is to the teachers of the school who instilled in me the values of discipline, dedication, hard work, and leadership. This solid foundation has led me to success in life. Thank you, Children’s Academy.


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Author, editor, filmmaker

I officially turned an author in 2015 and then went on to become an Amazon bestselling author of a number of books. But the process of being an author had started long ago — right back when I was in school, learning under such connoisseurs of language as Mukundan Sir and other English teachers. The school taught me how to appreciate literature. By challenging me through writing competitions, CA nurtured me and prepared me. I was frequently chosen to write and deliver speeches at important school functions, and that helped me get comfortable with the language. Today, I conduct workshops all over the country. Wherever I go, I take the passion I learned from the school and try to disperse it in my own little way. Three cheers to you, Children’s Academy!


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CEO – Ultas

My school, Children’s Academy, has shaped the way I have evolved over the years and grown as a person and a businesswoman. I picked up traits like discipline from my early days at school. Doing things meticulously and in an organized way is something I have learned there. Not giving up in pressure situations or stress comes naturally to me. I am a fighter and win battles in my head with my willpower. All these things I learned at school. I cannot thank my teachers enough for making me the successful entrepreneur I am today.


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Head of Creative at Publicis Worldwide

In school, I was as much into sports as I was into studies and art. My teachers were always accommodating. When something academic would come up, the sports teachers would help me make time and vice-versa. This helped me grow as a well-rounded person. Academics shaped my left brain, while art and drawing shaped my right, and I learned leadership and teamwork from sports. I moved from engineering to MBA to marketing and finally to creativity in advertising, while I am still into sports. It has been 23 years since I finished school, but these learnings will never go away.


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Bharatnatyam dancer

I joined Children’s Academy in 1977 and spent two (please check) happy years. I was academically average, but the teachers never seemed to be in any rush to finish the portion. They cleared all the doubts of every confused mind! I learned Bharatanatyam in my school after school-hours. I could never find a right teacher before joining Children’s Academy, but I thank my guru Bharat Solanki for introducing me to the disciplined world of classical dance. Also, I thank Mukundan Sir who taught me to appreciate subtleties in a poem, to develop sensitivity, and to expand my mind. My post-graduation in English was definitely a result of the interest developed by him, a teacher I revere, respect, and adore. When so-called practical people underestimate the power of arts and humanities and talk their futility, I proudly tell them how my school helped me make my dreams come true.


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Managing Director - Publicis Media Content Middle East

It is almost three decades that I “graduated” out of my alma mater—Children’s Academy—but the impact of its teachings has stayed on with me. CA teachers have this amazing gift of spotting potential very early in a child’s life, which even their parents are unaware of. I owe a lot to my teachers and coaches who helped me maintain a discipline in life, taught me the importance of hard work, and perseverance to achieve my goals. I am often pushed in my career to go beyond and achieve success, and it has only been possible because of the self-belief that was instilled in me very early in my life through my teachers.


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Producer, Director, Editor – Orange Spot Productions Canada

Children’s Academy was a great influence in my professional development, especially in giving me the confidence in what I could achieve in my career. The encouraging words of my teachers still guide me when I am in difficult situations. I realised my passion quite late, but it is now fuelled by the never-quit attitude that developed in my school days while I was actively involved in sports and arts. As a student, I participated in stage plays at the school’s Annual Day functions. and I even got famous for a particular role I performed at that time. Somewhere, that left a mark and took me in the direction of creative and performing arts, which has led me to become a filmmaker today.


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President & COO Business Development & Strategy Sunteck Reality Ltd.

The four pillars of Children’s Academy have been the biggest contributors to my growth and success. The first pillar is Shri V. V. Bhat Sir, our founder-principal, who taught me the basic principle to have a ‘vision’ to achieve something great, and to give back to society as well. The second pillar, Rohan Bhat Sir, taught me the importance of having an ambition and to put in constant to reinvent myself and stay in touch with the world. The third pillar, Mukundan Sir, epitomises discipline and dedication, which I still have towards the goals set by my organisation, and to put in tireless effort. The fourth pillar are the various teachers who have shaped my mind and career. I thank Children’s Academy for inculcating these values in me.


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Vice President of Abhinav Futuristics Ltd. & Performance Director at Abhinav Bindra - Targeting Performance Centre

Children’s Academy inculcated self-belief in me, thus defining who I am today. It helped me to overcome challenges in my life. My teachers taught me that whatever my dream is, if I have passion, commitment, and dedication, I can reach there. The most valuable gift to me was the opportunity to pursue my passion in sports. I represented the country at the World Sumo Championships in Japan, and the judo mat became the place where I acquired a lot of life’s lessons and skills. In 2016, I was the personal physiotherapist and performance specialist to Abhinav Bindra. I was part of his Olympic journey. Presently, I head the most advanced high-performance rehabilitation centre in India. All this was only possible because CA gave me the liberty and freedom to explore my hidden talent and passion.


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Director- Sanjeevani Hospital General & Cancer surgeon

The most essential things for success are hard work and consistency, which I learned at school. Apart from that, I inculcated the trait to appreciate each and every person who comes my way without expecting anything in return. This includes my family, friends, society, and country. I have learnt to do something for them as part of my social responsibility. I would also like to mention that in my journey I would always be grateful to my mentors, my principal Shri V. V. Bhat Sir and my elder brother Dr. Shyam Agrawal.


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Professor and Head - Department of Pediatric Surgery, Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children Hon. Consultant Pediatric Surgeon,  Bombay Hospital, Mumbai 

I belong to the first batch of students of Children’s Academy. We began with a small batch of 12 students, all in the same classroom. From that age, I saw our beloved principal, Bhat Sir, working hard with sincerity and honesty to spread knowledge and provide quality education. His principles, which reflected in each and every action of his, were inculcated in all the teachers. Through them, I imbibed the mantras of honesty and hard work. The school has been the foundation to my overall development, be it sports or studies. It is because of the culture, values, ethics, and discipline instilled in me in school that I became a doctor, a paediatric surgeon, and a medical teacher. Being a teacher is the most sacred and selfless activity, the inspiration for which has been my school.