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Digital Classrooms

  1. The school believes in imparting value-based education, providing immense opportunities to its students in an intellectually stimulating and technology conscious environment.
  2. Our classrooms are aesthetically designed and integrated with smart-boards and well-furnished desks. With technological support, our skilled teachers provide guidance to each student. The emphasis is on making every classroom session interesting and interactive.


  1. From picture books to fun reading; from fiction to informative resources; from books supporting classroom learning to intellectual learning, our library is well stocked with books, CDs and DVDs for extensive reference and research.
  2. The school library equips students with life-long learning skills and develops their imagination.

Indoor Activity Room

  1. The pre-primary section has a dedicated activity room which is equipped with a variety of age appropriate games and activities to facilitate experiential learning.

Science Lab

  1. All 3 science labs – Physics, Chemistry and Biology have state-of-art facilities and are fully equipped with an exhaustive range of apparatuses.

Math Lab

  1. The logic of Mathematics is cracked in the Math lab. Using a hands-on approach, active learning strategies, and fun interactive activities, the students explore and learn meaningful mathematics in a highly stimulating and motivating environment.

Language Lab

  1. The Language Lab is a dedicated lab for the Pre-primary and Primary students which has engaging, interactive activities based on the curriculum.

Music Room

  1. The Music room is equipped with a wide range of quality instruments, allowing children to tap into their musical talent. The music room allows the students to explore and express their feelings and thoughts in an artistic and creative manner. Well-qualified music teachers guide students in their musical pursuits.

Recording Studio

  1. The School has a state of the art, fully digital multitrack recording studio at the Malad branch. The studio features a diverse range of recording equipment which enables recording of all styles of song and voiceover to a professional standard. All the voiceover required for school events and functions are recorded in-house.