Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

The sudden stroke of pandemic engulfed the world and the once invincible world came to an unexpected halt. The global emergency took everyone by surprise and hovered over with an eerie silence. As per the government directives, everything was shut down all too sudden and the outdoor activities were completely immobilized. Even after a year of a nationwide immobilization of activities, the situation prevails. There has to be a strong solution to avert any further crisis and what better than vaccination.

India has been at the forefront in manufacturing and donating vaccines to enhance the immunity against COVID – 19. Various vaccination drives have been successfully organized at various levels. After the first round of vaccination for the age group 40 years and above, the second round was soon initiated for the people between ages 20 to 40 years. Children’s Academy has always been in the forefront when it comes to a novel or a noble cause. This time the noble cause was undertaking a vaccination drive.

Children’s Academy Group of Schools believes that it is the responsibility of each citizen and organisation in the country to participate in the fight against COVID-19. Children’s Academy , Bachani Nagar, volunteered to host a COVID-19 vaccination drive – an initiative of MLA Atul Bhatkhalkar on 4, 5, 6 June 2021. In the bid to do their bit in these difficult times, this drive was a selfless and humanitarian effort to aid and assist the community by offering the school premises at no cost, for the noble cause.

People from the eligible age group assembled in large numbers to get vaccinated.
A well ventilated and shady area was provided for the noble cause. All care with regards to social distancing and sanitization was taken. Volunteers were on their toes to address any queries or concerns that anyone faced at the venue. Kudos to Apollo Hospitals as well for executing the drive smoothly.

Be it novelty and innovation in education or nobility for the cause of humanity… Children’s Academy Group of Schools has always been and will continue to be instrumental and put its best foot forward to contribute to national progress.