Frequently asked Questions

  1. How do I apply for admission at Children’s Academy?
    Kindly refer to Page ‘Codes and Policies - Admissions & Withdrawals’ on the School website.

  2. Can I apply for admission in all three branches to be on the safe side?
    Parents need to apply only to the branch which caters to their area. Parents may contact the school office for further details.Due to acute demand for admissions; school reserves the right to reject the forms of children from other localities.

  3. Can I look around the school premises?
    It would not be possible for parents to take a tour around the school as it would disturb the study schedule of the students. Parents can visit the ‘Facilities ‘page on the website to get a reasonably good idea.

  4. When do I submit the application forms? When will I know the outcome of the application?
    The date of submission and the outcome of the application form are informed on the day when the form is being issued.

  5. I will be away/not available on the day of submission of application/payment of fees for admission in Nursery. What do I do?
    The submission of application form / payment of fees can be done by any person, authorized by the Parent.

  6. My child already has a brother or sister (sibling) in our chosen school. Will my child get priority in admission on this basis?
    Siblings and children of ex-students are given preference while granting admissions but this cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

  7. I have recently changed my residence. How do I notify the school?
    Parents may log in to E - campus with the help of their ID and password and submit the necessary changes.

  8. I will also need a change in the bus route; who do I contact?
    The Parents must contact the Bus in - charge for changes in the bus route or any other queries related to the bus service. Details of Bus in-charge are available in the School office.

  9. My child is sick and will not be able to attend school. Who do I inform?
    Parents can inform the Class teacher through a note in the ‘Leave’ section of the Handbook. Students joining school after recovering from a contagious disease must carry a medical certificate from a physician certifying that the child is free from infection.

  10. We will be out of station for a week. What is the procedure? Who do I inform?
    Prior permission of the Head of the school should be obtained in case of long leave which is non medical in nature. Please refer to ‘Codes and policies – Leave of absence’.

  11. In both the above cases, 9 and 10, will my child be evaluated for the assessments he/she misses?
    Students who remain absent for any reason will not be evaluated for the assessments/examinations.

  12. I have forgotten my username and password. What do I do?
    The Username can be obtained from the fee counter, in school. A new password can also be issued to the parent.

  13. Is attendance compulsory on the reopening day?
    Please refer to Codes and policies - Leave of absence.

  14. What stationery should my child carry on the reopening day?
    The child may carry some basic stationery like rough notebook, pen /pencil.

  15. What should I do if my child has health issues/ allergy?
    The Class teacher and the nurse must be notified about any allergies/health issues.

  16. What type of footwear is allowed in school?
    Children must wear black leather or all seasons shoes. They should wear white shoes with their house uniform.

  17. My child has lost his I-Card/Handbook. What is the procedure to procure a new one?
    Parents may apply for a duplicate at the fee counter.

  18. I would like to place an order for photographs of Sports Day/Annual Day. What is the procedure?
    Photographs of Annual Day and Sports Day are displayed on the School display board. If they wish, the parents may place an order by filling an order slip at the fee counter.

  19. I do not receive any sms sent by school. What should I do ?
    1. Please check if your phone is registered under DND.
    2. Please check if your mobile number in the school database is correct. You can check the details online and send a mail for the rectification of the same if it is wrong.
    3. Please inform the school office so that your mobile number can be added to the data base.
    4. Please notify the school office in case of change of mobile number..