International Collaborations


U.K. visit in the month of April 2012 under the GSP programme

I had just finished some supervisory assignment when Mona Ma’m called me to her office. Not really knowing what was in store, I went in and was surprised to see Sangeeta Ma’m already seated there. When Mona Ma’m broke the news that I was being sent to U.K under the Global school partnership programme, the surprise and the joy knew no bounds. I instantly hugged Sangeeta maam who was also to be with me on the trip... Read more

Visit of Indian school teachers to Cornwall in May 2013 under the Connecting classroom project

As a part of the Connecting Classrooms Project of the British Council, teachers from our partner schools – Sandy Hill Academy, Treverbyn Academy and Penryn School from Cornwall, U.K, visited us in the month of February 2013 and now it was our turn to visit their schools... Read more