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Counseling at Children's Academy School is designed to serve and assist the unique needs of students while addressing their academic, social, and emotional needs as well.
Counsellors also act as a bridge between teachers and parents, working to create an environment where every student will have the tools needed to fulfill our school mission.

The role of the Counsellors in the Learning Centre is to help identify students with learning difficulties, to provide individual programmes and refer to external professional agencies as appropriate. Counsellors also work with students on a range of issues, including communication and relationship building skills with peers, parents, and teachers; time management and study skills; stress management; anxiety reduction; transitions; self-esteem; and management of peer pressure. Teachers or parents can refer students to the Learning Centre at any time. We strive to promote early identification and intervention.

Remedial education is provided to students after their condition is ascertained through psychological tests. A specific action plan as per the needs of the child is developed after a detailed case study and parental interview is conducted. Students work in small groups, each following an individualized program based on identified needs. All programs are monitored through a system that includes ongoing communication with parents and school teacher.


Identification of children having learning difficulties at early stages
Identification of children with ADHD
Psycho-educational assessments
Speech therapy
Occupational therapy
Individual counselling sessions for students, parents and teachers
Student observations in the classrooms
Taking care of students with special needs
Workshops for Parents and teachers
Course on parenting
Conducting aptitude tests
Career Awareness