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For more than two decades, Children's Academy Group of Schools has been steered by Mr. Rohan Bhat and Mr. Rohit Bhat, sons of our founder     -     Late Shri. V.V. Bhat. An institution of the magnitude of Children's Academy Group of Schools, required being in educationally sound hands, to keep up the quality of education and to live up to the faith thrusted upon it by students and parents.

The Bhat duo true educationists and visionaries have been instrumental in the consistent growth of Children's Academy Group of Schools.

Today, being ably assisted by their spouses, Ms. Monica Bhat and Ms. Charlotte Bhat, functioning of the institution receives a much more professional touch. They look into the several minute details that affect the esteemed academy.

Rohan Bhat Chairman, Children's Academy Group of Schools

Having been schooled in Children's Academy himself, Mr. Rohan Bhat understood the pre-requisites of holistic and inclusive education that would lead the institution to the next level. He stepped into his father's shoes in the year 1991 and since then there has been no looking back. He rose to the post of Principal of Children's Academy, Malad East, and thereafter, took over as the Chairman of the Group of Schools. He followed the founder's pedagogic principles, but kept moving ahead with the rapidly changing times to give the academy a much wider presence, as years progressed.

Today, most of the administrative and managerial decisions are taken from his desk. Mr. Bhat always keeps himself abreast of the most intricate processes that take place within the premises.

Rohit Bhat- CEO, Children's Academy Group of Schools

Youngest of the Bhat siblings, Mr. Rohit Bhat today guides Children's Academy Group of Schools as its CEO. For him it all began with a large responsibility looming ahead of him, as soon as he took over the administrative functions of the school. He has proved beyond any doubt that he is indeed an indispensable unit in the management of the school. Mr. Rohit Bhat took up the responsibility of helming the first branch of the academy at Ashok Nagar, Kandivli, in 1998.
A science graduate from Mumbai's reputed Bhavan's College, he soon brought new techniques into the educational methodologies and brought up the level of the fledgling institution at Ashok Nagar, to the level of its predecessor at Malad. The Children's Academy Group of Schools soon spread to Thakur Complex, Kandivli.

Ms. Monica Bhat

Joining hands and sharing the onus of the growing educational institution, Ms. Monica Bhat took up the responsibility of the Thakur Complex branch under her wing. Being a comparatively newer branch, it has already gained equal status with the older, more established schools, mainly due to her zealous dedication. Her association with Children's Academy Group of Schools began in 1992. Later, she was promoted as the administrator of Children's Academy Group of Schools, Thakur Complex, in 2011. She is also in charge of the Student Development Programme, which caters to the social, ethical, physical, and intellectual needs of the students.

Ms. Charlotte Bhat

Ms. Charlotte Bhat began her association with the Children's Academy Group of Schools in 1998. She ascended to the position of the Head of Phonetics Programme in 2008. A people oriented institution, Children's Academy Group of Schools believes in people friendly practices, retaining employees and internal promoting of the deserving talent. As a result of this, Children's Academy Group of Schools has implemented a structured Employee Engagement Programme, which is operated under the able guidance of Mrs. Charlotte Bhat. She oversees the needs of all the staff members across the huge institution.

Driven by a desire to take the educational journey forward, the Bhat family continuously implements various methods to keep the students and staff in a state of dynamism. It is because of them that the Group of Schools reaches enviable positions in various competitions and is revered as an educational institution par excellence.