The Covid Catastrophe

The Covid Catastrophe

The Children’s Academy Group of Schools witnessed yet another challenge in its journey of 50 years and this time in the golden jubilee year itself. Just as the eventful year and the festivities were drawing to a close, the COVID19 pandemic struck. This global emergency took everyone by surprise, came like a storm, and hovered over with an eerie silence. Everything was shut down all too sudden, immobilizing outdoor activities completely. The Government guidelines directed schools across the nation to close prematurely. When the lockdown was announced, our year- end assessments were the biggest casualty. The extended lockdown further impacted the students gravely. They were confined indoors with uncertainties looming large before them.  It was highly unlikely that we would resume school on the scheduled reopening date. We were caught unawares and suddenly thrown out of gear; a state of disarray and despair! The apprehension to deal with the uncertainty of continued education in the midst of the ongoing COVID19 crisis, hounded us.

Then, adding merit to the phrase-rising like a phoenix, our team of zealous teachers leaped into the fray, to mitigate the situation. Keeping up with the spirit of Children’s Academy, the exemplary faculty stood by us with wholesome enthusiasm to help us counter the crisis. And irrefutably, we emerged from the upheaval stronger, smarter, and definitely more knowledgeable. 

The Children’s Academy Group of Schools mobilized all its resources and took up the initiative to offer online teaching modules to our students to facilitate the continuity of learning. The teachers of the school worked untiringly from home and thus in those challenging times we ensured that students were gainfully occupied and their education was not hampered. Despite no prior training, juggling between home chores and professional commitments, the teachers engaged passionately in producing exceptionally creative e-learning modules for the benefit of our students. These modules encouraged self-paced learning and the assignments assured that learning was meaningful and was taken earnestly. Within no time, our excited students took to e-learning sessions with ease and readily embraced the online learning platform. And then, there was no looking back!

Besides, the outbreak of the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown had upended family life to a great extent. Students were compelled to stay indoors with little to streamline their bubbling energy. As the confinement continued, we realised that it was critical to look after the well-being and mental health of our students. The CAGS Care team stepped in with a mental health support plan to offer workable solutions in those tough times. Our team of counselors, who were just a call away offered tips to parents on managing stress, anxiety and handling their child’s behaviour in the lockdown situation. 

Needless to say, it was one more time Team Children’s Academy stood together, undeterred, and steadfast to combat the unforeseen battle and truly lived up to the unexpected challenge.